Please find below a table outlining many of the more common items we experience on a monthly basis while managing properties in the Yucatan. By no means is this table all inclusive, and other situations will arise but this is an example of our pricing for individual items when you do not have a Property Management Agreement in place. Most of the items are time sensitive and the amount to be billed will be dependant on how much time is spent in lines and traveling.

Item Pesos Item Pesos
Pre occupancy cleaning and inspection 400 Utility Payments (water, electricity, cable, condo fees, etc) 150
Deep Cleaning (includes windows, appliances, fans, a/c grills, dishes, window tracks, inside cupboards, etc) 2 maids 950 Property Inspection Report 350 - 850
Heavy cleaning after reno projects (2 maids) 950 Fideicomiso Payment 600
Random Trips to Property (per your request) when not rented 350 - 500 Condo Meetings 850
Laundry Pick and Delivery (plus cost of laundry) 150 - 300 Satellite Issues 200-600
Keys Copied (plus cost of keys) 100-300 Internet Issues 200-600
Ordering and Receiving Gas (plus cost of gas) 150-350 Arranging for Gas delivery (my presence not required) 100
Hurricane Preparation Service depends on property Miscellaneous other items depending on time involved 250-500
Shopping for items for your property (plus cost of item) 100-650 Delivery of items by large truck in town 400-800
Banking Fees (per withdrawal, exchange, deposit, cashing cheque) 100-350 Service Calls (not including cost of work, up to 3 hours) 500
Property Tax Payment 350-600 Landscaping Admin 150-350

Outline all of the a la carte services with attached fees for services offered.
Prices subject to change. Administration fee charged in addition to workers fees. effective July 1, 2019

Property Management Plans:

Property Inspection Includes:

Pictures: Exterior (2) Interior (4) Appliances (3)
Report: Windows Secure Doors Secure Electrical Unplugged
Cleanliness Fans Exterior Lighting Interior Lighting
WiFi Signal Satellite TV Water Gas
Bathrooms: Toilets Flushed Faucets Ran Drains
Kitchen: Fridge Checked Stove Checked Appliances Unplugged

  • Above pricing is for Progreso, travel time will be added to properties outside of Progreso.
  • Chicxulub Puerto, Chelem, Chuburna add 250 pesos per visit
  • Uaymatun to Telchac Puerto add 350 pesos per visit
  • Please allow 14 business days for account withdrawals.