About Us

My name is Kurt  and I live in Progreso, Yucatan. Our family made the decision to make the move south to the Yucatan 9 years ago and have been living here for the last eight years.

Why Mexico?

We are always asked why we chose to move to the Yucatan. We had several reasons for relocating our young family but some of the main ones were: to learn Spanish, to learn a new culture, to simplify our busy lives, and to enjoy our environment – especially the warm climate! Our goal for a simplified lifestyle has enabled us to spend more time with our children. We have definitely achieved this goal as the boys are finished school by 1pm every day and have a lot of holidays throughout the school year. The opportunity to spend a lot of quality time with them each and every day is certainly appreciated as they are growing up. 

Why Move?

One of the questions my wife and I asked each other when we were making this decision was– “Where do you want to live when we retire?” Both of us answered Mexico without any hesitation and from that answer we were determined to not only live our retirement years in Mexico, but also our child raising years. Why wait for retirement if we could achieve our goals earlier. If your goal is to experience more from life in a warmer climate. Then I suggest you look around our neck of the woods and see what the beautiful Yucatan state has to offer. For more information me and my family, you can find us on our blog at LettersFromMerida.com where we offer a little bit of insight on not only how to move here, but also on our daily lives. 

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