Property Management in the Yucatan

Property management… possibly the worst words you ever thought you might have to say! Buying a home is easy, renovating your home is easy, renting your home is easy, managing your property is easy… hmmm – has anyone experienced the “easy” part in any of these items. Our goal is to help provide you with the peace of mind with the last two items: RENTING and MANAGING your property. Once you have completed the purchase and any much needed renovations, it is very important to make sure your investment is well looked after.

Every property we look at is very unique and requires different maintenance schedules, therefore it is very difficult to put a price here which says: “Hey, we can manage your property for $50USD a month!” Such a statement would be ludicrous without having first seen your property and understanding your requirements. I know, I absolutely detest going to a website to find information about pricing and then discovering that nobody will actually “tell you” their price —  therefore, we must put something here! We can tell you that our property management prices will range from $50usd to $300usd a month, depending on if you have a single property or a unit containing multiple casitas or suites. After that we must do a site consultation and determine your needs as the property owner.

Some owners will want a weekly maid service to maintain their property, others will say – “Clean it the day before guests check in.” Some owners believe the pool should be full all the time and need to have a pool maintenance program. Other owners know how fast a yard can get out of control and the amazing landscaping you had completed on your last visit can disappear in as little as 3-4 weeks as it is overrun with weeds and that amazing grass that grows everywhere! These owners prefer to have weekly or bi-monthly landscaping performed to ensure their property is always ready for their guests.

Every property has individual needs and every owner has different expectations of their property. Our goal is to help you maintain your property in a manner which is acceptable to your guests and for your visits to the Yucatan.

As property managers, we will also discuss having your property featured on our website which will help you generate the revenue you are looking for. We do not manage everybody’s property and the ones that we do choose, have met all our requirements for renting to our exclusive clientele which we have been developing for over eight years in the Progreso area.

Please take the time to complete the following form to allow us the opportunity to get to know you and your property better. We would love to take the first opportunity possible to meet with you at your property to discuss any property management requirements you may be interested in obtaining.