I am not sure I could describe our town of Progreso any better than this! Great video with some local picture and video. Progreso is located just north of the state capital, Merida, in the Yucatan on the southern edges of the Gulf of Mexico. A very cultural city which is famous for its fishing industry, octopus, and its tourism. A fun little music video I found on Facebook and thought it was worth sharing on this website.

A fair amount of this video was completed on our infamous cruise ship days, when thousands of people leave the comfort of their cruise ship to explore our piece of the world! Most of them are here to explore, have some beverages and enjoy the weather. Whether it is shopping for local hammocks, sunglasses, hats, dresses, shirts, or tequila, you can really get everything here.

A fantastic stop for cruise ship travellers looking to explore the Yucatan. From smaller ruins nearby like Xcambo or Dzbilchaltun, right up to the famous Mayan ruins of Chichenitza – there is a lot to see. Even our local ecological park of El Corchito will allow you to see some of the wild life of the area and swim in a relaxing cenote.

Enjoy the video!
As with all videos, please watch the HD version!!!

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