Calling friends and family can sometimes be a very trying experience in Mexico. Whether you are just trying to contact a friend down the road, or family and friends from Canada or the United States. Here is a quick chart summarizing some of the numbers you will need to know to make phone calls – local, long distance, or international.

Something you will have to get used to quickly here, is how numbers sequences are given. Quite often you will hear numbers in pairs: 99 91 23 45 67. I would recommend learning your phone number in Spanish, it will come in quite handy. I practiced saying mine over and over for a few days and now I actually have a hard time telling somebody our number in English!

Dialing Phones in the Yucatan

To: Prefix Required Dialing Example
Landline to Landline in Same City No prefix, no area code 123-4567
Landline to Cell Phone in Same City 044 044-99-91-234-567
Landline to Cell Phone in Different City 045 045-99-91-234-567
Landline to Landline in Different City 01 01 (999) 123 4567
Cell Phone to Cell Phone in Mexico None 999-123-4567
Cell Phone to Cell Phone in Different Town None 984-123-4567
Cell Phone to USA or CANADA Phone 001 001-403-123-4567
From USA or CANADA to a Cell Phone in Mexico 011-52-1 011 52 1 999 123 45 67