We are always amazed to see the differences in culture throughout the year in Mexico. One of the most interesting differences in our cultures that we see here is how the Day of the Dead celebrations are really a celebration of life and remembering. We are so used to the traditional Halloween celebration, that we did not even know the Dia de los Muertos existed until we came to live in Progreso. The festivals and parades in the Yucatan are simply amazing and we really are learning a lot about this very diverse culture.

The Paseo de las Ánimas 2014 in Merida, Yucatan will be held on October 31, 2014 this year. This parade is really worth seeing and if you can go early and watch the people setting up for this memorable event it is even better. We were welcomed with open arms and met many people who wished to explain to us why they were setting up the alters to remember their family members.

Here is a great little video about the Parade, information is below.

Date: Friday, October 31

Time: From 6 p.m.

Pilot: General Cemetery at Arco de San Juan (lanes 66, 77 A, 64 A and 64 Centro).

Activities to enjoy:
– Solemn procession of the spirits, who also dance.
– Exhibition of over 200 altars attended by city councils, private companies, educational institutions, locals, and municipal offices.
– Three scenarios: with music events, artistic performances and storytelling and legends.
– Maya Ceremony at the General Cemetery in honor of the faithful departed.
– Representation of the Mayan ball game “Pok Ta Pok.”
– Sample and enjoy the Yucatecan cuisine.
– Sightseeing in the General Cemetery.

Traditional food and sweets that can be placed on the altar:


Relleno negro o blanco:  Stuffed black or white
Escabeche de Pollo: Marinated Chicken
Frijol con puerco: Beans with pork
Cochinita pibil
Puchero: stew
Tortillas hechas a manoHandmade tortillas
Xe’ek ‘

Dulces: Sweets

Camote: Sweet Potato
Mazapán: marzipan
Calabaza: pumpkin
Frutas de la época: Fruit of the time